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Stress Relief Treatments

Stress Relief  Treatment in Coimbatore. Multi-dimensional solution in its own natural way. Ayurveda believes that the cause of strain or pain in the body is related to energy imbalances and imbalances in doshas. It is aggravated by several factors like dietary habits, lack of exercises and improper routines.

Special soothing therapies like Sirodhara, Dhanyamaladhara, Elakizhi, Pizhichil and Abhyangam works at the physical level to soothe the aching muscles and stressed nerves. This is the ideal treatment for anyone who has a very stressful life. Here you can forget all your hectic schedules and deadlines and just relax. This treatment will help you to eliminate all the stress and strain and will relax and rejuvenate you completely.

Shirodhara, a Stress Relief Treatments at PoornaAyur (shiro-dar-a) is a unique, blissful therapy that balances and stabilizes the mind. To receive shirodhara, the client lies down upon a massage table with their eyes covered. Next, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead and sixth chakra.

Shirodhara purifies the mind, alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches, and expands awareness. Shirodhara can be administered on its own or as part of a panchakarma detoxification regime. The oils used in shirodhara are specific to the dosha that needs balancing. Stress Relief  Treatments at PoornaAyur.


  • Shed all your stress and strain with Ayurvedic therapies
  • Ayurvedic herbs remove mental stress
  • Ayurveda and prescriptive diet for effective stress relief

Stress Relief  Treatment in Coimbatore.

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