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Pre / Post Natal Healthcare Program

After the long and demanding weeks of pregnancy and painful delivery, most mothers experience a lot of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Our after delivery healthcare program to is apt to relax and rejuvenate your body so that it gets back to form again and you are able to enjoy motherhood the best way. Poorna Ayur offers exclusive treatment programs for all the mothers who wish to regain the same strength and energy they had before, that too in the nature’s way.

Pre / Post Natal Care

This program includes Sootikacharya, Abhyangam, and a proper balanced diet. Sootika Charya is a comforting postnatal massage. This Postnatal Massage may help in many ways; it restores the pelvic structure, supports healthy lactation, lessens the stress level, relieves the neck and shoulder back pain and aids the healing process. In Abhyangam different oils are used for bringing the body back in shape and to prevent all the future problems. The oils differ depending on the need of your body.

We also offer Pre Natal Packages without any prescription on internal medicines and suggestion on prescriptive diet patterns and it starts from the 6th month of pregnancy.


  • Ayurvedic herbs offer post pregnancy health benefits
  • Ayurvedic Therapies revitalize your body post pregnancy
  • Recover from pregnancy stress through vital Ayurvedic treatments
  • Ayurvedic herbs for boosting body functions after pregnancy

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